ge temperature," he said.Please scan the QR Code to f▓ollow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to fol▓low us on WechatFirm's listing to help it market f▓ighter abroadFirm's listing to help it market fighte

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r abroadFirm's listing to help it market fighter abroad01-16-2▓018 08:52 BJTShenyang Aircraft Corp, a major maker of fighter jets in China, has been li

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ck Exchange, a mo▓ve observers said will help to finance the firm's export▓ efforts.The Liaoning province-based company, part of the ▓State-owned aircraft

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y Corp of China, was launched Friday on the A-share market, which is traded in the renminbi, according to a statement sent to China Dail▓y from AVIC on M

onday.Shenyang Aircraft

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rcraft maker to go public on the▓ Chinese market, the statement said. Before the move, AVIC reorganized Shenyan

second b▓iggest in 2021,

g Aircraft's▓ assets and merged it with AVIC Heibao, a list▓ed AVIC subsidiary in Shandong province that produces trucks

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, according to AVIC.Shenyang Aircraft's listing will help AVIC explore the proper methods to optimize the conglomerate's cap

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ital structure▓ and securitize its assets in the defense industry, the statement said. It also will enable▓ Shenyang Aircr

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t to better finance its efforts to sell fi▓ghter jets overseas."Currently, almost all costs of ▓AVIC subsidiaries pertaining to a military air

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